Nocturne is an electronic music record label and creators of independent art and apparel.

With its roots in Belfast's thriving club culture, Nocturne began as a late-night party series, taking over art galleries, disused restaurants and noodle bars for invite-only parties. This revolt to Belfast's archaic licensing laws evolved organically over the next decade. welcoming electronic music heritage such as Roman Flugel, Move D, Prosumer & Gerd Janson to intimate clubs across the city.

This independent drive is at the root of the label today, with our heart in the city of Belfast but now connecting with a loyal international family through art, mix series and records. The label's illustrator, Andreea Ilisai sketches the distinctive label art by hand whilst founder, Jordan Nocturne is responsible for all aspects of musical direction, A&R and the now infamous Nocturne Edits Series.

The annual Nocturne Edits record has developed something of a cult following - tipping our hats to our predecessors who inspired or sound whilst creating memorable dancefloor moments at Panorama Bar, Love International and Printworks to name a few.

Our art and apparel label now finds its way to Australia, New York and Berlin, with our prints appearing on walls of bars, apartments and restaurants the world over, giving us another creative channel to represent true, independent club culture the world over.